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History of Ammonite

They grew from one common ancestor into a genus over fifty thousand species strong. Ammonites filled every ecological niche in the early oceans where they dwelled. Some ammonites were passive plankton feeders that relied on the currents for propulsion. And some were aggressive predators that hunted in packs, jetting along via hydro-propulsion with their powerful, razor-sharp beaks at the ready. These creatures were believed to hold one of the largest brains in its time, and the largest specimen on record was over ten meters long.

The story began at the dawn of time…. almost 400 million years ago…

Mosa10For millions of years until reptiles eventually evolved a more efficient predator ammonites ruled every ocean on the planet. Populations rose and fell, diversified into new forms, suffered periodic extinctions, only to mysteriously proliferate again.

As ammonites evolved and adapted to new climates and eco-spheres on the constantly changing planet, they grew more distinct in shape and ornamentation, then reverted to simpler forms, becoming complex internally and increasing greatly in size.

LAMMONITEThe north American continent was growing larger as the Pacific plate thrust itself below forming earth’s newest cordillera, the Rocky Mountains and the Bearpaw Sea lapped its freshly formed edges. The Bearpaw Sea extended from what presently is the Arctic Circle, to the Gulf of Mexico. It was warm, sheltered and teeming with life.

In the shallows along the eastern slope of the Rockies (now Southern Alberta) there was an abundance of creatures feeding, hunting, breeding and dying.


Predator and Prey in The Bearpaw Sea


22" Mosasaur jaw that could crush an Ammonite like a peanut shell.

22″ Mosasaur jaw that could crush an Ammonite like a peanut shell


moserinCrabs, lobsters, cuttlefish, turtles and ammonites swam along with beasts like the mosasaurs, ichthyosaurs, and ten-ton fish with 10 foot jaws with hundreds of teeth. They thrived in an ocean rich with plankton due to the abundant fresh water that flowed into it from the Rockies as they rose and the dinosaurs made their brief appearance on the lands.

MOSSVSAMIt is in dispute whether or not mosasaurs or other marine reptiles ate ammonites. Some believe that the circular marks found on ammonite fossils were made by limpids, a barnacle like parasite that may have attached itself to the shell of the ammonite and, with the help of gastric acids, bore in for a meal.



Long before recorded time, all people, from all lands have been fascinated with the ammonite and the spiral that defines it. Drawn, painted and carved on cave walls, rock outcroppings and cliff faces from Australia to Greenland, Hawaii to Indonesia, early man has recorded the form of the ammonite, knowing that it had a special significance in the understanding of life. Perhaps from the contemplation of the spiral form; the broadly generated curve that grows proportionately ever smaller, reducing itself to nothing came the genesis of understanding for the concept of math or numbers. From everything to nothing and back again, symbolizing life and death, infinity to zero.
The ammonite is the most recognized fossil and the spiral is the oldest and most widely found of ancient petroglyphs. For the Zuni and Pueblo peoples of Arizona, the spiral meant wind, water and the animals found in water. It also represented the journey of the people in their search for the Center.


The Hopi tell of their peoples travels to the ends of all lands before returning to the center of the universe. The spiral is the symbol of man’s journey to find the spiritual center and the God within. The spiral is an ancient, yet still universally recognized, cross-cultural icon for growth and evolution. Following the spiral you cross similar points with each cycle changing your depth of perspective.



Earth Tattoos
Neolithic (Copper Age) grave sites across Europe from Ireland to Sardinia are engraved with spirals on megalithic monuments. Early man would carve the spiral to be used as a path to the next world.



Burial mounds
Spiral rock temples were built in places of high natural electro-magnetic energy. Chakras  are spirals in the human energy field. Spiral carvings in China, Pakistan and Easter Island are believed by some to be over 50,000 years old. 
The number 9 is derived from the ammonite spiral. The Anasazi used spirals to follow the sun’s position and mark the equinox and solstice. India’s Brahmanic mythology names the ammonite Salagrama and believes it to contain the body of Vishnu’s wife.




Snakes and skate boards
The spiral is a depiction of wind, a snake, wave, or spring, growth, expansion, or cosmic energy. For the Celtic people the spiral was used to represent life from the sun and the journey of death.


crop circle
worm trails



The double spiral of Yin Yang signifies the duality of nature and balance.

Triple spirals were used by the Christian monks in illustrated manuscripts to represent the holy Trinity.


Triple the value
Today, some believe them to store the memories of hundreds of millions of years of evolution and that they may help us to understand cosmic forces. The spiral symbolises both infinity and eternity and; spiritually, the ammonite may encourage the success of just causes.


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The Commercial Background of Ammonite

Alberta has become a wealthy province due to its gas & oil; it may even have diamond kimberlite pipes. Another Alberta resource has become famous throughout the world. Ammonites were virtually ignored until the early 1960s when they were re-discovered in the river valleys in southern Alberta , Canada.

In 1981 the International Federation of Jewelers added Ammolite to its official bluebook of gemstones. In 1982 Ammolite was recognized as a precious gem by the Paris based International Confederation of Jewelry, Diamonds, Pearls and Stones. In 1991 Ammolite was named the official gemstone of the Province of Alberta.

A mine site on the Red Deer River – 2001

The prairie of southern Alberta was once a fresh-water inland sea. The Bearpaw Sea covered most of the province and laid down over 1000 feet of dark grey shale that is known as the Bearpaw Formation. Ammonites occur throughout this formation in clearly defined horizons. Here our mining team strips away the top soil after having cleared archaeological, paleontological and environmental assessment and impact.

Even though the coulees and rolling prairie of Southern Alberta is an area of less than average precipitation, ground water penetration can oxidize and damage the aragonite shell covering on the ammonite. To avoid these damaged concretions we must dig below water seepage for the protected fossiliferous layers. Often the best gem bearing layers are protected by a thick layer of bentonite which is the result of earlier volcanic ash deposit.

An iron rich concretion protects the ammonite from breaking up during deposition. The ammonite to the left shows the vibrant red colour that is the most common colour occurring on Bearpaw Ammonites. Named Red Blazer, this commercial grade material is used to make non-gem products such as our Feng Shui Symbolics.

Before (left) and after (right) pictures of an ammonite that shows a perfect shape

About Dialite

Dialite ammolite is a special formula of precious metals and gemstones such as natural diamond and rock crystal. The basis of dialite ammonite is the ammolite gemstone, an extremely rare and “biogenic” gemstone with an exceptional energy potential that was formed over 80 million years ago through the fossilisation of ammonites.

Dialite. Pure Ammonite Energy.

Ammolite is fossil with incredible energetic forces. Dialite Ammolite powder is made by gently grounding of carefully selected Ammonites from the Bearpaw – formation in Alberta, Canada, and combined with noble metal and gemstones. Dialite is then incorporated into many different products to promote the Ammonite’s energetic properties to those who use the Dialite based products. Visit our Dialite store.

North American First Nations Ammonite Legend

Iniskim (Buffalo Calling Stones) – Pieces of the Bearpaw Ammonite

Although our people began to live as makoyi (wolves) had shown them, life was still very hard and the people were often hungry. One day iinii (buffalo) took pity on our people.

A lady named Weasel Woman was collecting water from a river near her camp when she heard something calling to her from the bushes. When she looked closer, she found a stone that spoke to her. The stone explained how it could be used in a ceremony that would call the buffalo towards a pisskan (buffalo jump).

Weasel Woman took the iniskim, the buffalo calling stone, back to camp.

She told the spiritual leaders about the ceremony to call the buffalo. The people followed her instructions and soon they had plenty of meat and many hides for new lodge covers.

There are numerous iniskim on the prairies. Many people still keep them as sacred bundles. We call on iniskim to help us have successful lives.

Bioplasma – Energy which makes us move

The impact of bioplasma on the human energy system and the stimulation of bioplasma by dialite 



As we know from our daily experience matter can exist in three different conditions: firm, liquid and gaseous. Additionally to these three states physicist know a further condition – the plasma. In gen-eral, plasma is a gas whose atoms are, at least, partly stimulated or ionized.

Taking an atom, the atomic nucleus is surrounded by a cloud of electrons, which can also be de-scribed as a kind of wrapping of the atom. In the plasma, the electrons of the atomic nucleus can move into higher orbits. These higher orbits comply with a higher level of energy of the atom. Energy, loaded from the outside in form of light parti-cles, can be saved by the atom in its atomic nucleus by electrons taking light energy and moving into higher orbits. This is a so-called stimulated condition. By this, the atom disposes of a reserve of energy which it has not in its basic state. Possibly, it can happen that even so much light energy is absorbed that an electron leaves the atomic nucleus. In this case, we talk about an ionized atom, since free ionic charge carriers begin to develop. The electron contains a negative electrical charge unit and leaves an positively charged ionized atom. This stimulated state of plasma, in which atoms can be stimu-lated or even ionized, appears not only in gaseous matter. It only has been noticed there first.

However, modern physics know states of plasma in form of liquid and firm matter. Particularly with regard to cells of a liv-ing organism we talk about bioplasma. Biophotons, say parts of light saved in an organism, are indicated as bioplasma. We also talk about saved electro-magnetic energy.

Thus, atoms and molecules of a cell can absorbe light energy and put it in a kind of intermediate storage and make it avail-able for biochemical processes of metabolism. Without bioplasma, a cell would be nonviable, since chemical processes would be out of control. This would lead to immediate breakdown and cell’s death.

It is interesting how the form of biomolecules allows to receive and to send biophotons. The multi-spiral arrangement of the DNA-molecule, for example, is a perfect receiving aerial for biophotons. Moreover, the cell membran has the function of a cavity resonator. The cell membran amplifies the electromagnetic field, which is constructed by the presence of Biophotones in the cell. It is like a guitar. If you tried to play a guitar without guitar’s body, you’d create a very low tone only. By the guitar’s cavity resonator, the tone will be intensified. Biophotons and cells of an organism work in the same manner, whereas the DNA-molecul can be seen as “string” which is stimulated by the biophotons to swing. Therefore, the electro-magnetic oscillation energy in the form of bioplasma in a cell is seen as an indicator for its vitality.

Bioplasma stored in the organism in form of biophotons and electromagnetic energy respectively, causes the self-organisation of metabolic processes. Processes in the cells caused by illness and age come along with a subsidence in bioplasma concentration. Healthiness and potential output are in correlation to the amount of bioplasma to be saved in and to be offered to the human organism respectively. Hence, methods to increase the concentration of bioplasma in the organism and its surrounding are of particular interest.

Bioplasma – the degree of cell’s vitality and whole life 

Modern people get more and more acquainted with these interrelations, at least intuitively. For example, more and more people increase their awareness of personal nutrition habits. Naturally kept food dispose of a veritably much higher con-centration of biophotons than denatured and processed food. Well-known is the proverb stating the constitutional effect of fruits: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Fruits are not only rich in vitamins, but also in bioplasma, as long as the fruits are fresh. Of same importance is to get sufficient fresh air. From an energetic point of view this is clear, since hu-mans breath in more fresh air containing light energy in its molecules.

Light energy also exists in different kinds of scales and qualities. Just think of the difference between normal light and laser light. Laser light oscillates in absolutely coherent uniformity. Therefore, energy of coherent light can be bunched stronger and used more target-oriented than noncoherent “usual” light. A relatively weak coherent laser beam can reach the moon without any problem and, from there, can be reflected back to earth. A ordinary beam of light would diverge be-fore it had only covered a thousandth of the distance to the moon.

There are very effective possibilities to positively influence the quality of light energy and bioplasma in our daily environ-ment. Dialite with its special combination of highly effective ingredients such as ammolite and other gemstones has the ability to clearly raise and harmonize the ranking and the degree of efficiency of biophotons concentrated in the surrounded area. This happens across a wide frequency range, whereas all bioenergetic relevant frequencies are harmonized equally, by contrast to the technical laser, where only one certain light frequency is amplified.

Thus, the field of biophotons in the environment of dialite is transferred to a higher ranking, what is to the benefit of the organisms existing there. By using suitable resonators, equiped with dialite, people’s bioplasma energy can be raised. This can be achieved indirectly by inhaling the bioplasma contained in the air which as been enriched by a resonator like a dialite object.

For our current products visit our Dialite store

New manufacturing techniques now allow the power of Ammonite to be used as dialite Ammolite powder in many differents products.

Dialite Ammolite powder is made by gentle grounding of carefully selected Ammonites from the Bearpaw – formation in Alberta, Canada, and combined with noble metal and gemstones. All dialite products have a certificate of origin.

Dialite has been incorporated into many products including drinking classes, table pads, water bottles, tea, animal food dishes and drinking water.


 dialite_Jasmin_cut dialite_Napf_cut_ml

The Artistry of Ammonite


Mary Lynn Oddmeat

Writing-On-Stone  Gemglyphs

The petroglyphs at Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park in Alberta are believed to have been a form of spiritual expression and a warning to their enemies that they were in Blackfoot territory.

“Writing-On-Stone was located between the Blackfoot and numerous hostile nations to the south, in an area through which many different groups passed on military and hunting raids into Blackfoot territory. Because Natives used narrative art to boast of prowess and skill and to elevate their status, the heavy presence of this art at Writing-On-Stone in historic times is interpreted as a deliberate message to various enemy groups that the Blackfoot were a force best left unprovoked.”

From Spiritual and Biographic to Boundary-Marking Deterrent Art by Luc Bouchet-Bert

Dinoglyph 1

Dino bone, Silver & Ammonite

Dinoglyph 4

Tourquoise, Silver & Ammolite

Dinoglyph 7

Dino bone, Silver & Ammolite

Dinolite 2

Dino bone, Malachite & Ammolite

Dinoglyph 2

Dino bone Silver & Ammolite

Dinoglyph 5

Dino bone, Silver, Opal & Ammolite

Dinoglyph 8

Rhodochrosite, Silver & Ammolite

Intargia 1

Tiger Eye, Sugilite, Lapis & Ammolite

Dynoglyph 3

Dino bone, Silver & Ammolite

Dynoglyph 6

Rhodochrosite & Ammolite

Dinolite 1

Dino bone, Zinc & Ammolite

Intargia 2

Tiger Eye, Sugilite, Lapis & Ammolite

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Ammolite?

Over 70 million years old.

How was Ammolite formed?

Millions of years of tectonic pressure created this beautiful gem from the fossilized remains of the ammonite shell.

Where is Ammolite found?

To date the only place in the world Ammolite is found is in Alberta, Canada. Ammonite.com works closely with the world’s largest commercial Ammolite mine located in Alberta’s Bearpaw Formation.

When did Ammolite officially become a gemstone?

In 1981, Ammolite was awarded official gem status by the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO)

What causes the multiple colors in Ammolite?

The color is created by refraction of light passing through the many layers of the Ammolite shell.

How much longer will Ammolite be available?

Ammonite.com expects mining to continue for at least another 50 years.

What is the difference between

An ammonite is the actual fossil and Ammolite is the gemstone that is found on the surface of the ammonite.

Why is Ammolite considered to be a feng shui gemstone ?

Many feng shui experts believe the stone has absorbed a substantial amount of the earth’s and the universe’s positive cosmic energy, an energy also known as qi (ch-ee), that can be found in the multitude of colors in ammonite. For more information please visit our feng shui information page.

Where is Ammonite.com located?

Our head office is located in Raymond, Alberta, Canada.

Is Ammolite mined ethically?

Ammonite.com mining partners take care of the ground they mine. After mining the layers of soil are carefully replaced in the order they were removed. The native grasses are then restored and the natural environment is improved during the reclamation process. This responsible practice proudly sets new environmental standards in the Ammolite mining and reclamation process.

Is your Ammonite mined on Native lands?

It is not mined on Native lands.

Are there different grades of Ammolite?

Ammolite comes in four grades: AAA, AA, A and standard, the grades are based on the gem’s brilliance and variety of color and clarity. AAA and AA account for only 3-12% of annual production.

What gemstone does Ammolite resemble?

Ammolite’s luminous qualities rival the black opal for color and fire.

What is the hardness of Ammolite?

The natural hardness of Ammolite is 3.5 to 4 on the Mohs scale. Ammonite.com uses a protective spinel crystal to protect the Ammolite gem, increasing the hardness to a durable 8.5.

Does the ammonite fossil need to be registered with the government?

All Canadian ammonites, regardless of where they are found, must be registered with the Government of Alberta. If an ammonite is exported, an export permit is needed before the ammonite is legally allowed to leave the country.

How much are ammonites?

Prices are determined by quality, brightness of color, size and shape of the ammonite.

Are the ammonites painted?

All Ammonite fossils have some degree of restoration. During the restoration process the natural cracks need to be filled, the filled areas are then colored to match the rest of the fossil, but this coverage is extremely minimal.

About Ammonite.com

Ammonite.com brings together the talents and experience of some of the industry’s pioneers. With over 50 years combined experience working with the Bearpaw Ammonite we take great pride in bringing this ancient once-living stone from the Earth and restoring them to beauty. Ammonite.com strives to bring you the highest quality Ammonite gems and fossils available anywhere.  Our craftsmen dedicate themselves to exacting standards and quality control. We have developed our own proprietary techniques and processes to insure the durability of our product for a lifetime. Living and working in Ammonite country brings us closer to the stone, the land, and the people. The Blood, who have inhabited the area for thousands of years are partners with us and share our love and respect of the stone.

I believe that through contemplation of the ammonite man – from his earliest ancestors to enlightened thinkers on every continent today – developed understanding of space, time, mathematics and all the mysteries of life.

Naturally simple, yet surprisingly complex, ammonites defy ambivalence. You are drawn into the structure of the spiral relinquishing control of your imagination to the suggestive shape of the stone.

Tommy Dryden

President, Ammonite.com