Bearpaw Ammonite
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Ammolite Naturals 

A5 Grade      (AAA)    $.30 per sq mm

A4 Grade      (AA)       $.25 per sq mm

A3  Grade     (A+)        $.20 per sq mm

A2  Grade     (A)          $.15 per sq mm

A1  Grade     (A-)         $.10 per sq mm

*  Prices are retail in US Dollars. Discounts available for volume orders.

Ammolite Grading Guide

Grading Guide

In order to allow for proper sorting in our database we have recently changed our Grading system.  We have also begun pricing our naturals by surface area rather than by carat weight.

Our Ammolite Naturals will all show bright colors at some angle. Lower grades of the stone may be dark red or brown when rotated. Experienced goldsmiths will set the stone to take advantage of the best angle of view. Higher grades will have bright color through an increasing angle of rotation, with A5 & A4 Grade stones having 3 or more brilliant colors at all angles. 

Instructions on Care & Handling of Ammolite Jewelry