Bearpaw Ammonite
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Ammolite comes from the fossil remains of the Ammonite Placenticeras Meeki (Female) and Intercalare (Male) and is found in the Black Bearpaw Shales of Southern Alberta, Canada. 

Ammolite is the preserved mother-of-pearl of this ancient sea creature that has gone through an, as yet, unexplained geological and mineralization transformation - giving it the light refracting qualities that make it a precious gem. Ammolite is capable of splitting sunlight into every color imaginable.

Many of our Ammonite fossils are hand harvested by members of the Blood Tribe on Federal Reserve Lands that border high-erosion river systems on the east slope of the Rocky Mountains. Sacred to their people for thousands of years, today's fossil collectors retain the reverence their ancestors had for this magical rainbow stone.

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